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Performance analysis of PDC

Date:2016-8-1 Click:5661

    In what is now the PDC are widely applied in the industrial society, mainly because of diamond compact has other materials incomparable superior performance. Today is for everybody to analyse the superior performance of PDC:
    First diamond compact has high hardness and wear resistance (abrasion ratio). Hardness up to about 10 000 HV of PDC, is currently the world's most hard materials, artificial material than cemented carbide and high hardness of engineering ceramics. Due to the high hardness and isotropic, thus has excellent wear resistance. Usually by abrasion ratios reflect the wear resistance of composite sheet, in the middle of the 80 s ~ 90 s of the 20th century, compact abrasion ratio of 4 to 60000 (abroad for 8 ~ 120000); In the mid - 1990 - s to now, the abrasion of compound piece than for 8 ~ 300000 (10 ~ 500000) abroad.
    The second diamond compact has a thermal stability. Thermal stability of PDC determine the scope of its use, compact thermal stability is the heat resistance, and its strength and abrasion ratio, is one of the important performance index to measure the quality of PDC. Thermal stability refers to the atmospheric environment under the () in the presence of heated to a certain temperature, cooling after the stability of the polycrystalline layer chemical properties (diamond ink level), the change of macro mechanical properties and interface combined with strong influence on the composite layer.Thermal stability changes after 750 ℃ sintering, some domestic factory product performance for the abrasion ratio by 5% ~ 20%, the impact toughness changed little, abrasion parts manufacturers than drop, impact resistant performance degradation, it has to do with the formulation and process adopted by the different related, foreign abrasion ratio and impact toughness of PDC little change before and after sintering. 
    And has good impact toughness PDC. Diamond compact as a cutting tool, is widely used in oil and gas drilling operation. In drilling process, due to the joint action of axial force and the level of the cutting force, tool and pore wall friction, drill column bending, uneven and residual rock powder at the bottom of the bore, rig vibration, the influence of such factors as made by PDC bit on a great deal of impact.Shock resistance PDC reflects the compact toughness and cohesive strength, is a comprehensive indicator, also is the key to decide its use effect is good or bad. In the mid 80 s ~ 90 s of the 20th century, the resistance of the pieces to the impact toughness of 100 ~ 200 J (200-300 - J) abroad and in the mid - 1990 - s to now, the impact toughness of 200 ~ 400 J (greater than 400 - J) abroad.
   Above is the PDC has the superior performance, is why diamond compact in the industrial society is widely used now.