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Hardware industrial cluster in our country development trend is obvious

Date:2016-8-1 Click:5283

     After more than 30 years of development, the hardware industry in China has been more mature, and also occupy the important position in the world market, at present our country many hardware product production first in the world, such as lighters, zippers, wrench, pliers, etc., are in a foreign country has a good sales record. At the same time, after years of development, the characteristics of hardware industry cluster in China gradually.

The obvious hardware industrial cluster development in our country

     Champ consulting analyst pointed out: China is one of the hardware production country in the world, has become the world's metal processing power and exporter, has vast potential market and consumption. With the development of social economy, the hardware industry in the new situation, the cluster development also has distinct characteristics.

     Hardware industry cluster development in our country mainly divided into three types. Is a long history, is typical representative town, zhangjiagang cityof sunan region started earlier industrial satellite town, township enterprises in hardware, a fortune by hardware, has 70 years of production history. Second, industry type, typical annual sales revenue exceeds one hundred billion yuan of large hardware yongkang city, zhejiang industrial concentration area became the mainstay of local industry. 3 it is market development-oriented, is typical representative east xiaolan town, zhongshan city, after years of development, formed with locks, gas stoves for bibcock, upstream and downstream products and all kinds of accessories complete industry group. The three types of industrial cluster, formed its own advantages and characteristics, not only made a great contribution for the local, also support hardware industry development in our country, outside the important pillar of strength.

     The advantage of industrial cluster is obvious, it can effectively solve the problems of the management cost and agency cost is too high, to avoid high transaction costs and logistics costs caused by long-distance exchange problem. Industrial cluster to the depth of the division of labor between the enterprise and the depth of division of labor and for designed and refined, to improve efficiency, and is conducive to technological innovation. Favorable investment promotion and capital introduction at the same time, also conducive to save transaction cost, also are more likely to stimulate the sense of competition,

     The 2013-2017 China hardware tools market analysis and investment value study report mentioned: hardware industry in China is growing step by step and stable, and the rapid development of industrial cluster. The rise of industrial clusters can not only accelerate the industry brand, promote the development of the industry, but also can drive the region with hardware development of relevant industries, promote the development of the whole regional economy, industrial cluster is becoming a hardware driving force of sustainable development of the industry.