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The development of nano diamond structure

Date:2016-8-1 Click:5184

      Synthetic diamond is among the family of new material, the reason is that the diamond with other material has many incomparable excellent comprehensive properties. As a result, have been looking for people for decades. Along with the development of nanotechnology, nano diamond, diamond film and nano diamond film, the successful development of the legendary characteristics will be great. This article has collected information together, perhaps can help readers to understand the latest trends of the development of synthetic diamond.

      Sweden ABB service center of Jane, Mr Zuckerberg success such as the preparation of a kind of artificial diamond film, the semiconductor properties and electrical properties as now commonly used semiconductor silicon. According to a report in the journal nature, Mr Zuckerberg leadership team by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition technique, the methane molecules, its carbon atoms, it forms the diamond. Pure diamond is actually a good insulation, and silicon, as if in the incorporation of a small amount of boron or nitrogen, it will turn into a semiconductor. Mr Bloomberg is based on the characteristics of the diamond, join in a mixture of methane and argon diborane, thus made boron diamond, is the key of the entire manufacturing process, they chose the industrial diamond crystal as the substrate, have "support" for the substrate, carbon atoms can neatly arranged, generate new diamond film.Using this method of preparation of diamond film has a certain thickness, good electrical conductivity. Made of its electronic components, such as transistors, power output and running speed can be comparable to the silicon transistor. At the same time, the researchers point out, even if the manufacturing process can be solved, this is not to make the electronic components on behalf of the diamond completely replace silicon, on the contrary, the diamond electronic components will be silicon electronics a supplement. For example, made of the diamond film can chip in temperatures of hundreds of degrees Mi to work properly, and silicon chips working temperature should not exceed 150. C, and the volume of a diamond electronic components can be smaller, it will in place of silicon electronics application cannot play an irreplaceable role.   Diamond film swimming space. "In space, shenzhen from me recently, because shenzhen ray to the company's products to wear on my head". Had such a feeling is Yang liwei, the humble diamond film, and the humble made big diamond film industry is one of China's "first 863 industrialization base" of the ray to shenzhen. Ray to diamond film products of the company is expected to follow the spacecraft "shenzhou 6" invite swim again in space. It is considered that diamond film is plastic the greatest material since human invention, is after the stone, bronze, iron, silicon marks the progress of human civilization fifth generation materials, carbon materials, become an international research hot spot, the United States, Japan, Russia, Britain, secondary materials experts have successively entered the research and development.Now, this kind of green wood, the material and so on the state-of-art domain gradually is entering by astronautics resident's life, like the eyeglasses, the handset Windows, the engine box, put on make-up the box, the automobile regard the back mirror and so on all to start to use this kind of diamond membrane material.According to the introduction, covers this kind of diamond membrane the product to be possible to strengthen degree of hardness, anti-scratches, guards against the fog, guards against the ultraviolet ray and so on, if utilizes the automobile rear view mirror, but but also might the automatic clean rear view mirror, drive the public figure not to need to look at the worry not not clearly for the rear view mirror rainy day.The company is devoting to the diamond membrane wide range application and the development.At present, the diamond membrane solar energy hydrogen energy production equipment, diamond membrane solar energy sewage( waste gas) processing equips oneself to research and develop successfully, the diamond membrane plane monitor, the diamond membrane high energy high density capacitor also soon promotes.The diamond membrane production project invests the near 200,000,000 Yuan, the occupying a land area of approximately 100 Chinese acres, divides three issue of constructions, an issue of project will go into production after the beginning of, but also might produce the diamond membrane PET bottle, the diamond membrane high energy high density capacitor, the diamond membrane sparse sodium silicate three kind of new products, the realization annual production 1,000,000,000 Yuan.It is reported, the diamond membrane packing material is huge in the packing domain application prospect potential, at present, uses the diamond membrane the beer bottle to be possible to enhance PET large scale the thermal stability and the gas impediment, causes to maintain freshness the time to lengthen to 6 months.    Nanometer diamond composite coating technology to achieve the industrialization. Nanometer diamond composite coating, not only has the characteristics of the conventional diamond layer adhesion, abrasion resistance, but also has nano diamond surface level off is smooth, small friction coefficient, and the advantages of easy grinding and polishing. Nanometer diamond composite coating drawing mould, based on cemented carbide substrate, routine, hole surface coating and nano diamond composite coating, and the coating after grinding and polishing of a new product, the first international, and with independent intellectual property rights. Shanghai jiaotong university, the development of nanometer diamond composite coating drawing mould products, has realized industrialization by Shanghai dating diamond coating co., LTD, the product has been in jiangsu up and cable group co., LTD., Shanghai maple cable co., LTD, seven more than a dozen production enterprise applications such as for an enterprise to bring the remarkable economic benefits, the new value, profit is 45.1 million yuan, 1.4 billion tax 60.09 million yuan, save money 35.71 million yuan.   Nanometer diamond composite coating drawing mould can not only greatly prolong the service life of the traditional mould (10 times higher than that of cemented carbide die to), can significantly improve the quality of cable products and class, effectively save raw materials such as copper, reduce the consumption of national strategic resources of tungsten, increase the productivity of the related industries, obtain enormous economic benefits, the mold industry itself, can be achieved in labour-intensive, waste of resources to the new and high technology, resource saving transformation, improve the die abrasive and abrasive products level and competitiveness in the international market, promote the sustainable development of economy, to transform traditional industries is using nanometer high and new technology demonstration of success.   Nanometer materials to make your car more money. Nano fuel/lubricating oil additive is liquid to be used by Peking University professor lee jung-hyo nanoparticle assembly technique and radiation chemical production technology research and development production. Nano fuel additive, the mechanism is that the water after assembly, water to nanoscale particles dispersed in the fuel, and as a structural unit of nanometer scale. The water particles in micro detonation can save fuel and air mixing more fully, to make the fuel burning more fully and evenly, so as to improve the combustion efficiency of fuel and vehicle mechanical efficiency, can reach the effect of energy saving, environmental protection and increase power. Nanometer lubricating oil additive is through the assembly technology assembly nano diamond, let them steadily disperse into lubricating oil, the oil clear transparent, and changed the nature of the friction, sliding for scrolling, reduce the friction loss, also realized the purpose of fuel economy and improve the power.Use this product, can save fuel by about 10%, extend the oil change period more than double. Lubricating oil additive is 48 yuan / 4 ml (15000 km), fuel additives for 48 yuan / 25 m1 (321 l petrol, 15000 km, 3.75 bottles of additive, ($180). In an oil change cycle, 8 l 100 km fuel consumption of cars can save 192 l oil, about 720 yuan. Twice due to extend the oil change cycle less maintenance, can save 230 yuan, excluding purchase cost, net save 700 yuan. Ultra dispersed LNM ball diamond lubricating oil additive products successfully to the market, not only saving the fuel, lubricating oil for the overwhelming majority of owners, maintenance fee and other expenses, prolong the service life of the car, car flexible and quick to operate at the same time. More important is to reduce the exhaust emissions by more than 40%, to improve the air pollution in big cities is very important in our country. If the country's 30 million car use this energy-saving additives, will reach 6.7 million tons, save fuel energy would be a huge contribution to nervous.