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Ancient times the plankton is diamond raw materials?

Date:2016-8-1 Click:4514

     Ultra-thin cutting disc manufacturers think that carbon is a common element. Animals and plants, even in the air, contain large amounts of carbon. Our body is not exceptional also, there are a large number of carbon atoms. The human body contains about 18% of carbon.

     However, although carbon are the common elements on the ground, in the interior of the earth, the quantity is very few. Through the solar spectrum and fall to the earth the meteorites analysis, it is presumed that the chemical elements of the earth is one of the most oxygen, the next was followed by silicon, aluminum and iron. These four elements accounted for 87% of the total quality of earth; If combined with three elements, calcium, sodium and potassium are accounted for 96% in total. The remaining 4%, is all other elements, including carbon.

     In addition, the composition of the earth element, the larger the quality of the elements of the tend to be gathered in the center of the earth. Carbon is the lighter elements, concentrated near the surface, thus basically won't have carbon deep in the earth. At the university of Tokyo in Japan property research institute specializing in earth's deep structure yagi health professor he said: "since earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, the carbon to form internal are extremely scarce, therefore, not many form diamond raw materials in the interior of the earth."

     Scientists by isotope analysis, on the other hand, also know that the materials that make up the diamond, at least in part belongs to organic matter legacy of carbon. This means that, in hundreds of millions to billions of years ago to the bottom of the remains of plankton (animals and plants), as the tectonic plate movement, they from sediments was brought to the interior of the earth, where it is possible to form a diamond.