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Electroformed Diamond Cup Grinding wheel

Electroformed Diamond Cup Grinding wheel

Product introduction:

Commodity number:5I0A0118

Commodity model:5I0A0118

• [Product Name]: Electroformed Diamond Cup Grinding wheel
• [Applicable Machine] Semi-automatic, fully automatic, manual cutting machine
To Drawing processing, sample processing, size, size can be produced according to user needs
Diamond grit size 80 # -180 #
• [Product Material] Diamond
• [Product Technology] plating process, by plating, so that the corundum in the substrate (45 # steel) surface
Features: sharp, wear-resistant. Surface sand closely adsorbed on the surface, not easy to fall off
Surface finish: high, carborundum part of the grain size to determine the sand, the finer the sand, the better finish
• [Application]
(1) for the ordinary flat glass, frosted glass, sandblasted glass, embossed glass, folder wire glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, glass brick cutting and grinding, diamond grit size use 80 to 180, not easy edge collapse.
(2) for granite, basalt, limestone, dolomite, sandstone, marble and other stone cutting and grinding, particle size between 36-60, sharp enough, cutting and grinding speed, long working hours, no collapse.
(3) for the glaze color, underglaze color, blue and white, the only ancient, wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary ware, ceramic handle, including silicate products, silicon and other materials cutting and grinding, Between, sharp, working time is short, not collapse edge.
(4) Other metal products can also be cut and polished, such as aluminum, stainless steel and so on
• [Product advantages] 
• 1, high precision, can be used for precision cutting and cutting
• 2, high rigidity, high strength, high resistance to damage
• 3, cutting sharp, high efficiency, long life
• Because of these advantages, electroformed cutters, ultra-high-speed grinding occupy the undisputed dominant position.