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Electroformed Diamond Flat Wheel with plastic core

Electroformed Diamond Flat Wheel with plastic core

Product introduction:

Commodity number:IMG_2579

Commodity model:IMG_2579

• [Product Name]: Electroformed Diamond Flat Wheel with plastic core
• [Applicable Machine] Glass edging machine
Product Specifications:
Wheel diameter: 6 inches (about 156mm) or 150mm
Shaft hole: 1 inch (25.4MM)
Thickness: 1 inch (25.4MM) or 25mm
Diamond grit size: 36 # -3000 #
Body Material: 45 # round steel, hard plastic body
Apply Range:
Suitable for the processing of jade, Indonesia Jintian yellow, chalcedony, jade, crystal, agate, amber, beeswax, glass, pearl, electronics, stone jade, optical fiber, touch screen, display, carbide, magnetic materials, flowers Light rock, marble, tiles and other hard materials, polished, polished;
Apply to the original stone peeled, trimming, grinding, molding; for different width bracelet molding, grinding, trimming
electroforming diamond grinding wheel features:
Excellent sharpness: The factory production of diamond tools from high-quality diamond electroforming, mature technology, the thickness of nickel plating layer is moderate, since the sharpness of Ye Hao, do not need to open before use, it has a high degree of sharpness characteristics, can quickly .
Flatness: The factory produces diamond tools, smooth surface, no excess nickel group, the use of the process does not produce tremor, and the surface after grinding neat, smooth, no broken edges.
Durability: The factory with more than 10 years of production experience in the mechanical embryo body production and plating have formed a set of their own characteristics of the production process, the formation of stable quality and durability of the high degree of electroforming tools.
• [Product advantages] 
• 1, electroforming grinding wheel without dressing, easy to use.
• 2, single-layer structure determines that it can achieve very high grinding speed.
• 3, although the single layer of diamond, but still have enough life.
• 4, for high precision wheel wheel, electroforming is the only manufacturing method.
• 5, wear and lasting sharp, easy to fall off
• 6, high-precision machining
• 7, high rigidity, high strength, high resistance to damage
• Can produce according drawing, samples, size can be produced according to user needs。