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Patent sintered combination grinding wheel

Product introduction:

Commodity number:IMG_2552

Commodity model:IMG_2552

• [Product Name]: Patent sintered combination grinding wheel
• [Apply Machine] Straight line edging machine,Double edging machine,Beveling Machine
• [Outer Diameter,Hole diameter ,Height,diamond layer size (mm)] 
• Diameter:Φ130,Φ150 ,Φ175 ,Φ220 
• Shaft hole:Φ90
Diamond layer size:15x8,8x10,15x10,8x8
• Grit size: 60#-320#
[Product material] diamond, metal bonded,Aluminum alloy or steel core
[Product Process] sintered
[Apply Range] Carbide, High alumina porcelain, glass, Optical glass, Auto glass, Gemstone, Semiconductor materials, stone and other hard and brittle material processing
• Descripition: The aim of the utility model is to provide a diamond grinding wheel with simple structure, low cost and detachable, in view of the shortcomings of the prior art. The working ring is composed of a diamond layer and a circular base. The bottom of the annular base has an inner edge extending toward the center of the working ring, and the positioning hole is arranged at the bottom of the annular base equidistantly. The base of the base The base is provided with a positioning pin matched with the positioning hole of the annular base, the center of the base is provided with a through hole; the diameter of the cover plate is matched with the inner diameter of the working ring; And the bottom of the cover plate is provided with a boss along the periphery of the counterbore, the diameter of the boss is matched with the inner diameter of the upper positioning boss of the base; the working ring is sleeved on the base The positioning pin on the base is matched with the positioning hole of the working ring base body, and the cover plate is arranged in the working ring, and the counterbore hole is matched with the center through hole of the base, and the screw passes through the center center of the base Hole and cover the hole will work ring, base and cover locking to work. The bottom of the base is equipped with the lower positioning boss and the user mechanical spindle seat along the periphery of the central through hole, and ensures that the grinding wheel bore shaft is over-fitted. The base of the base is matched with the user mechanical spindle. When used, the working ring and matching the base after the match, the cover and the work of the ring pressure to form the utility model of the diamond grinding wheel. "Dentiform working layer in the work for the drainage chip to provide space to reduce the temperature of the work surface, so that the glass will not be too high because of the temperature of the glass, the edge of the phenomenon, thereby enhancing the abrasive wear resistance, Products with wear-resistant, good sharpness and so on.
[Product Advantage] 
1.Unique formula
• 2.Grinding efficiency is high, no collapse edge
• 3.The wear resistance of the grinding wheel is high, the abrasive grain consumption is small, and the sharpness is maintained for a long time
• 4.Grinding force is small, grinding temperature is low
• 5.Grinding of the workpiece with high precision, good surface quality, the shape of the workpiece to maintain good
• 6.Trimming efficiency is high
• 7.Low Noise
• Other size: can produce according drawing, samples, different size and grit are viable