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Electroformed gemstone grinding wheel

Product introduction:

Commodity number:IMG_2650

Commodity model:IMG_2650

• [Product Name]: Electroformed gemstone grinding wheel
• [Product Specifications] 4 inches (120mm), six inches (152mm), eight inches (203mm), the internal diameter 12.7mm, thickness 1mm,can produce according drawing, samples, size can be produced according to user needs, Diamond grit: 36 # -3000 #
• [Usage] mainly used for jade, precious stones, agate, jade, glass, seal peeled grinding cutting, grinding carving knife, hard alloy, high alumina porcelain, optical glass, jade jewelry, semiconductor materials, stone and other hard and brittle materials Deep processing!
Thickness of the disc used for reference:
1, coarse-grained for coarse grinding, there will be damage to the surface, "leveling", the general process must have a certain amount of removal, construction, pay attention to the formation.
2, fine grinding process, this process to remove the amount of relatively small selection of fine-grained disc, through the order of 4-5 particle size grinding, polishing to achieve the requirements.
3, polishing process, to achieve a smooth surface to meet the requirements.
4, grinding chapter will inevitably encounter water sandpaper difficult to grind sand ding and the like high hardness debris. Can be used to grind the disc to grinding. More able to blunt the super-hard alloy steel Seal knife reproduce sharp.
5, although a larger one-time investment, but can be used repeatedly, its high durability so that it can compare countless sheets of water sandpaper, cost is very high.
6, the use of extremely convenient, dry grinding water mill can be, with proper rinse, dry can. With high hardness, abrasion resistance, sharpness and high characteristics. Factory price direct shipments, quality assurance, complete specifications.
• [Product advantages] 
• 1, wear and lasting sharp, easy to fall off
• 2, high precision machining
• 3, high rigidity, high strength, high resistance to damage
• 4, the production of small non-tremor resistance to improve production efficiency Product quality

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