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CNC mobile screen processing tools

Product introduction:

Commodity number:IMG_6950

Commodity model:IMG_6950

• [Product Name]: CNC mobile screen processing tools
• size: can produce according drawing, samples, different size and grit are viable
  Grit size: 80#-3000#
• [Product material] diamond
• [Product Process] Electroformed
Description: Our company specializes in R & D and production of CNC diamond grinding head, with the domestic first-class technical team, including several senior engineers, technical staff, the use of the world's leading brands of diamond abrasive, leading with other core technology counterparts. Welcome letter from the industry users inquiries. At present, our products have been fully recognized and adopted by customers in various regions of China and have been exported to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, France, Europe and other places. Users are welcome to plans to order, I also provide non-standard products design and production, allowing customers to invest in the lowest cost and achieve maximum efficiency.
[Scope] The series of products are mainly used in precision processing of smart phones, tablet PCs, and other products on the touch screen glass and lenses, such as: Apple ipad tablet, iphone, And other high-end electronic products of the window touch screen glass grinding. Drilling reaming chamfering chamfering angle milling, etc .. Processing of our products with high precision machining, high efficiency, long service life advantages.
• [Product Advantage] 
• 1, high precision machining
• 2, high grinding efficiency
• 3, long service life
• 4, cost-effective
• 5, complete specifications. Quality and stability
• 6, the aperture is accurate
• 7, the production of small non-tremor resistance to improve production efficiency product quality
• [Instructions]: Please note that the use of cooling to prevent the temperature is too high to affect life, uniform.